Another Look at Confidence

To follow up on my review of The Confidence Gap, I’d like to share a few extra tidbits on confidence:

  • You can have confidence without being arrogant. From my observation, those who are arrogant actually lack true confidence and are insecure with themselves.
  • Feelings of authentic and genuine confidence allows you to stay motivated and positive, especially when facing difficult challenges.
  • Failure can cause us to lose confidence. It can provide you with evidence that maybe you shouldn’t be as confident as you are.  But that leads to self-doubt, and the voice of self-doubt is often lying, or at least exaggerating, when speaking to you.
  • Have a good support team. Having a good social circle helps you maintain your confidence level.
  • Continue to work hard. Confidence can be about momentum, so collect some “wins” along the way and ride the tidal wave of success to becoming more confident.
  • Rarely is an anxiety-inducing challenge an actual threat to you, so don’t perceive it as such. It’s simply a challenge that’s waiting to be conquered.  In fact, sometimes we need to experience more adversity and more obstacles because it’s a good experience, and a great way to earn more confidence.
  • There’s going to be times when you feel less confident than usual. This doesn’t make you someone with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence.  Rather, it just means you’re a normal person experiencing bumps in the road.
  • Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to have genuine and authentic confidence.

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