Things to Keep in Mind about Anxiety

I was talking to a colleague about anxiety and unhelpful thoughts yesterday, and figured that I’d share some of the key points that she and I discussed.

  • Remember that everyone, including positive psychologists, experiences anxiety and unhelpful thoughts at some point. You’re not alone with your anxiety.  Everyone else wants it to go away also.
  • It’s not the anxiety and unhelpful thoughts by themselves that matter, but rather it’s how you react to them that really matters.
  • Remember to challenge your negative way of thinking and take a different approach/perspective. Our anxiety inducing beliefs are often distorted, highly magnified versions of the real issue at hand.
  • Practice your new approach/perspective and your new way of thinking often.
  • Remember that anxiety cannot go away permanently, but you can tolerate the discomfort of anxiety better. Focus on building a better tolerance for anxiety rather than eliminating completely.
  • Remember that anxiety is just a thing. Much like bad weather, it’s something that comes and goes, and what matters most is your tolerance of it.
  • No one else even notices the internal discomfort that you feel when you’re anxious, so there’s no need to be self-conscious of it.
  • Break your anxiety inducing stressor up into smaller and more manageable parts. Give yourself experience, and slowly expose yourself to what’s inducing your anxiety.

In conclusion, find what works for you, and take control of whatever anxiety and unhelpful thoughts you have.


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