Blog Bits – November 16, 2016

I read an article on Psychology Today entitled “9 Ways for You to Keep Your Personal Power,” so I wanted to share my thoughts on it. (link: )

I disagree with the author when they say that venting actually prevents you from creating a solution to your problem.  I agree with the notion to an extent, however I think that venting actually helps you brainstorm and dive into what bothers you most about the problem that you’re having.  Of course, if you’re only venting and complaining, you’re not going to come up with a solution.  But you need to have that initial amount of venting at first to get the problem solving ball rolling in my opinion.

The author discussing how you’re actually in control of how you feel and how you spend your time makes me realize how many people seem to not recognize this fact.  Perhaps it wasn’t until I got out of the regimented structure of high school and university that it finally dawned on me that I actually can decide to do what I want, when I want (within reason, of course.  I’m not suggesting anyone go on some sort of lawbreaking binge by any stretch).  Not that I was unhappy before, but it’s amazing just how much happier I became once I realized this tidbit and actually started doing what I wanted to do with my life on a daily basis.

So in a nutshell, what I’d want someone who read this article to take away from it is this:

  • Vent enough to brainstorm, but not enough that it’s unproductive

Remember that you control your own life.  You’re responsible for your emotions, your perspective, and for how you spend your time.


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