Buckley Blog Bits – October 26

I’m going to focus on some Blue Jays, boxing, and MMA news in this edition.

  • Baseball America released their top 10 prospects for the Blue Jays’ organization this morning, and I have mixed emotions on Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. being ranked number one. There’s no doubt that he’s obviously one of the best prospects in the system right now, but I might’ve been tempted to put Sean Reid-Foley ahead of him.  In addition, I would’ve put Richard Urena ahead of Conner Greene on the list, and I also would’ve rated Anthony Alford lower in the top ten as well.  Otherwise, I have no qualms with the list (link: http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/2017-toronto-blue-jays-top-10-prospects/#bYuA7uUswfRU3pxx.97 ).  For those wondering, my top five would’ve been (in order): Reid-Foley, Guerrero, Urena, Harris, and Greene.
  • A recent article on Sky Sports’ website that discusses why a proposed fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua was postponed for the time being reminded me of why I prefer the structure of MMA with their various organizations rather than boxing’s structure (Link: http://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/10624738/anthony-joshua-vs-wladimir-klitschko-why-the-world-title-fight-was-postponed ). As the article reiterates, Fury won 4 of the 5 main versions of the heavyweight title in November 2015, and has proceeded to lose 3 of them without even stepping foot in the ring for various political reasons (not fighting the IBF’s mandatory challenger, being inactive, and then choosing to focus on medical recovery).  In addition, the article discusses why it’s not as easy as just having Joshua and Klitschko fight for various political reasons.

Regardless of who the IBF, WBA, or WBO opt to recognize as their world champion, I’m still going to recognize Tyson Fury as the world heavyweight champion for the time being because he’s the man who beat the man who beat the man.  He’s still the lineal heavyweight champion, and that’s the main title I care about when it comes to boxing championships (within reason, as I don’t like how a lot of top boxers seem to be able to pick and choose their opponents, but that’s another rant for another article at another time).

  • I read this morning that Michael Bisping has verbally agreed to fight Georges St-Pierre at UFC 206 in Toronto in December. However, I still have a hard time believing that there’s a possibility of Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre happening at UFC 206.  For one, I just can’t see the UFC putting a superfight like that onto a card that’s only 6 weeks away.  Sure, the UFC put Brock Lesnar on the UFC 200 card with 5 weeks notice, but his fight was never intended to be the main event or co-main event (sure, it worked out that it was in the end but that wasn’t the original plan).  Plus I just can’t see anyway that Bisping could heal after his fight with Dan Henderson in time to fight again on December 10.  But would I like to see Bisping/GSP on December 10? Of course I would.  Hopefully it happens, but I wouldn’t bet on it unfortunately.  But hopefully I’m wrong.

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