Buckley Blog Bits – September 2, 2016

  • Baseball: This season marked the first time I attended both the Buffalo Bisons home opener as well as their home finale. I know that doesn’t necessarily make me unique since I’m sure there are plenty of people who have accomplished that feat, and done so on multiple occasions, but I thought it was interesting that it wasn’t until now that I did that since I grew up going to Bisons games a lot as a youngster.  It’s made me look at attending the Blue Jays’ last home game of the season as well, just so that I could say that in my first season as flex pack holder for both clubs that I attended both the first and the last regular season home game of the year, just because I don’t know when this opportunity will present itself to me again.
  • Baseball, Part 2: But the bigger question is will the Buffalo Bisons allow Celery to win one race next season before Celery retires? Time will tell… Personally, I can see things from both sides. It’d be great to let Celery finish out as a winner, but maybe Celery should always retain that spot as the lovable loser.  Maybe the better question is what am I so intrigued by a mascot race at a minor league baseball game??
  • MMA: My predictions for the main card tomorrow on UFC Hamburg are Andrei Arlovski winning a decision over Josh Barnett, although nothing is going to surprise me here. So while I won’t consider a Barnett victory to be an upset (Barnett is the slight favorite with the bookies), I just think that Arlovski is marginally closer to his prime right now than Barnett is, although both guys are past their prime days.  In the co-main event, I have Alexander Gustafsson finishing Jan Blachowicz in the second round.
  • Psychology: It’s ironic that I found the article “Your Feelings Are Not Your Fault (Mostly)” when I did (Link: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/intentional-insights/201608/your-feelings-are-not-your-fault-mostly ), seeing as I’m trying to show support for a friend of mine who is going through a bit of a rough patch as of late. The article got me thinking about my own opinion on the matter, as well as my own life experiences.

I’ve often told others that are going through a rough patch that sometimes you just have to accept feeling bad sometimes, and I’ve said this because I used to fight the pain, but that just made it worse.  Something would happen that would bother me…and then the fact that it bothered me bothered me.  It was like a never ending cycle where I was constantly bothered by the feeling rather than by the event.  Then one day, I decided to just let myself feel bad.  Of course it didn’t feel good to feel bad, but I soon found that I felt better because I felt a TREMENDOUS amount of stress drop off of me.  I had let the negative feelings freely come and go. 

As the article states, “let your feelings come, let them go,” and also “focus on doing, rather than feeling.  Let the feelings be what they are.”  These are two great pieces of advice.  Of course, our main motives in most of the action we take is to try to be happier.  But focus on the task, and don’t set expectations of how it will make you feel.  Let the feeling be spontaneous and unexpected.


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