Buckley Blog Bits – August 26, 2016

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot lately, so I just decided to share some of my thoughts about life in general that I think most people could benefit from knowing.

  • Start the day with something fun: This starts your day out on a positive note and makes you more optimistic about the rest of the day. There’s no need for you to delay some sense of gratification until after the work day is over.  You can do anything you want when you first wake up, whether it’s reading a book, watching some television, or working out.  Do anything that you want that will put you in a positive state of mind to start the day.  Personally, this is why I avoid reading texts or e-mails on my phone when I first wake up.  Rarely do I wake up to a negative message, but the few times I have really soured the rest of the day for me since I started on a negative note.  So I advise waiting to check those until you’ve gotten to work if you can afford to do so.
  • Make time for what you enjoy: We’re all living pretty busy lives. If you want time to do something fun, such as reading or working out (or whatever your hobbies are), then you need to make sure to jam that time into your schedule.  That extra time isn’t going to magically fall into your lap, so it’s up to you to take the initiative, stop procrastinating, and just do it.  It’s a fun feeling when you realize you’re getting the most out of your time on a daily basis.
  • Recognize that some negative thoughts are actually helpful: Of course, it sucks to be plagued by negative thoughts (it’s impossible to rid your mind of them entirely, so please don’t waste your energy trying), and sometimes your brain can just be a real douchebag. But if you take a different perspective of them, all of a sudden they’re really not incredibly negative and can actually be pretty helpful.  For example, if you’re having negative thoughts about a financial situation, it can actually be a positive because it can force you to probe further into the issue and come up with a strategy to get out of your situation.  It’s all about the way you spin your predicament that determines your reaction to it.
  • Be honest with yourself, but not harsh: It’s okay to be honest with yourself, but don’t get too harsh on yourself. No one wants to feel like crap, so why would you be any harsher on yourself than you have to be? It really doesn’t help you in the long run, so give yourself an honest assessment, but don’t beat yourself up in the process.
  • Understand that you can always improve: Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you “could’ve done better” because everyone can always do better, regardless of their performance. But understand that there is always room for improvement, even if you are the best in the world at what you do, so let that be motivation for you.  If you’re working out, strive to set a new personal best.  If you’re saving money, strive to have a higher net worth.  If you’re learning a new language, strive to learn a few extra words each week.  Be happy with where you are now, but also be happy knowing that you have room to grow and further develop.
  • Tell People How You Feel: Just be honest. I know that sometimes the truth hurts and such, but there really isn’t much point in wasting time leading others on or not letting them not how you feel, whether it’s a professional relationship, a friendship, or a romantic relationship.  And I mean this for both positive and negative things.  People enjoy hearing that they’re appreciated, and that’s just a fact of life. But just because you know that you think highly of someone, that doesn’t mean that they know you think highly of them.  So please, just tell people how you feel as long as you’re genuine and sincere when you say things.  It might feel awkward to be that blunt, and it’ll probably take practice before you feel confident being this candid with others, but I can assure you the person you tell your compliment/comment to will appreciate hearing it and your life will be much less stressful as well.


  • On that note, thanks for taking the time to read this blog. I enjoy writing it on a regular basis, as it allows me to get my thoughts and opinions out there, and I do genuinely appreciate those of you who take the time on occasion to check-in and read what I was to say.

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