Winning Spoils Jays Fans

It’s crazy how there’s only 38 games left in the MLB season, and the Blue Jays and the Red Sox are tied for first place in the AL East at 70-54 apiece.  The Jays are 2 games ahead of Baltimore for home field advantage in the wild card, and have a 3 game advantage on Seattle for a wild card spot in general.

I’ve been a Jays fan since I was 4 and while I do have some vague recollections of the success of the early 1990s (I knew the Jays were good and that they won the World Series, but I didn’t know many specifics at the time), the past 2-3 years have really been the first times I’ve had an opportunity to see the Jays have a good string of success as it was happening in front of me. 

For me, 2003 and 2006 were fun years, but they weren’t really in the hunt this late into the year.  2014 was fun until July when things started to collapse a bit.  2015 was…well…pretty freakin’ awesome other than losing the ALCS.  It’s just funny to me to see how while the Jays are battling to win the AL East, fans are still complaining.  But I understand it.  I look back at particular games that the Jays let slip away and I think about where the Jays “could” or “should” be in the standings (those two losses in Cleveland would look awful nice in the win column right now, that’s for sure).  But Red Sox fans, and fans of other teams, can do the exact same thing, so I don’t waste too much of my energy on it.  Over a span of 162 games, things eventually even themselves out.

Here’s a look at where the Jays have stood through 124 games over the past several years, just for comparison sake, as well as where they stood through 124 games during their division winning seasons.

Year                       Record                  GB (East, WC)          

2015:                     69-55                     +0.5; +6.0                       

2014:                     64-60                     -6.5; -3.5             

2013:                     57-67                     -15.0;-13.5        

2012:                     56-68                     -16.0;-11.0           

2011:                     64-60                     -12.0;-11.5         

2010:                     65-59                     -11.5;-11.5          

2009:                     57-67                     -20.5;-14.5           

2008:                     64-60                     -11.5;-7.0            

2007:                     63-61                     -11.5;-8.0            

2006:                     66-58                     -9.0;-7.5               

2005:                     63-61                     -9.0;-5.5               

2004:                     52-72                     -24.5;-19.0           

2003:                     61-63                     -15.0;-10.0           

2002:                     53-71                     -25.5;-21.0          

2001:                     58-66                     -15.0;-14.0          

2000:                     63-61                     -6.5;-3.5               


1993:                     71-53                     0                              

1992:                     71-53                     +3                           

1991:                     67-57                     0                              

1989:                     63-61                     -1.5                       

1985:                     77-47                     +3                           


In conclusion, while the Jays “coulda, woulda, shoulda” be in a better spot, I’ve sat through enough seasons of them not being legit contenders that I’m going to sit back and appreciate the next 38 games for what they are: a chance to watch my favorite team repeat as AL East champions in an exciting race down the stretch.  

Personally, I think it’s going to take 93 wins to clinch the AL East, so the Jays will have to go about 23-15 by my estimation (a .605 winning percentage, which is higher than their current .565 rate but is less than the .630 rate they’ve been winning at since starting out 19-23).  I just hope the offense can turn things around and play to their potential, otherwise this could be a rather frustrating 38 games coming up…


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