Buckley Blog Bits – August 19, 2016

  • It seems like people these days are preoccupied with eliminating negative thoughts. This is a good idea in theory, until you realize that it’s not normal because experiencing negative thoughts is actually part of living a “normal” life.  Everyone experiences negative thoughts; even established professionals in the field of positive psychology will admit to experiencing them.  Experiencing negative thoughts is part of our human nature, and it’s part of our way of examining “threats” around us.  It’s impossible to experience only 100% positive thoughts, 100% of the time, but you can train yourself to keep those negative thoughts from hindering your actions.  Just remember this: negative thoughts by themselves are not bad, and sometimes they’re even beneficial because they force you to ask more questions and think deeper about a scenario.  But when they’re holding you back to the point that you don’t take action toward a goal because of them, then there’s a problem.  Otherwise, embrace those negative thoughts (to a healthy extent) and learn how they can actually help you.
  • It’s funny how I’ve been a sports fan of some sort my whole life, but even now I can’t give you a good, definitive answer on why I spend my time watching sports so much. I’ve read articles on the topic of sports fandom and why people take their sports so seriously, and while a common theme seems to be that it dates back to when people lived in tribes and it was literally “my tribe” versus “your tribe” with pride on the line, I can tell you for me I think it simply can come down to not “growing up.”  Of course as a kid, you want to be just like the athletes you see on tv one day, and I was no different.  Of course now I recognize that I’ll never be a professional baseball player, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a good Blue Jays game on tv at my age.  Perhaps it’s a lack of “growing up” or a refusal to “grow up,” or maybe it’s just because I have free time and enjoy watching baseball the same way someone who enjoys visiting an art gallery or going for a hike enjoys those hobbies.  I guess the main reason I watch sports is simply because I just like watching them.
  • For the past few days, I’ve taken a social media hiatus. I’ve never been big into using Facebook (I had an account for a few years in undergrad, then deleted it shortly thereafter after not using it for nearly a year).  I have to say that taking a break has been pretty nice.  I’m not the sort of insecure person who gets too wrapped up in social comparisons, so I’ve never really cared to see what others are doing with their lives without them just telling me what they’re up to themselves.  But it has been nice not to constantly expose myself to the never ending stream of information that you find on Twitter (some info that’s useful, some info that’s not so useful).  While I’ll return to tweeting my benign and sarcastic comments about baseball soon, taking the opportunity to recharge my mental batteries and change up my life routine has been pretty nice thus far.
  • Food for thought: Sometimes I wonder if there’s a link between social media usage and the feeling of depersonalization, as well as how big of a link there is between procrastination and the amount of anxiety that you feel in your life.
  • It’s interesting how pleasant your reality gets once you eliminate having expectations, or at least having incredibly unrealistic expectations, from your life. It’s also interesting when you realize how much you control the pleasantness of your reality by managing your expectations, emotions, and perception of what’s around you.

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