Blog Intro

Here is a quick background on myself before I begin to write regularly:  I have a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and I currently work as a Logistics Coordinator for one of the premier transportation companies in the nation.  I’m a baseball fan, and I spend most of my weekends either making the trek to Toronto to see the Blue Jays, or make the shorter trip to Buffalo to watch their Triple-A affiliate, the Bisons.

I also like watching combat sports, having attended a handful of UFC and Bellator events, as well as some boxing events and even a few WWE and WCW pay-per-view events over the years.

But in addition to watching sports, I enjoy reading in my spare time, especially books that pertain to psychology, business, and art/photography.  I collect autographed baseballs (I’m currently at 105 Toronto Blue Jays single-signed baseballs, meaning that I have around 15% of the all-time roster at the moment which I guess implies I have a solid collection so far).

I decided to create this blog as a forum for me to express my thoughts on the world around me…or at the very least, to rant and express my thoughts and opinions on baseball (notably, the Blue Jays and their farm teams), psychology, and just life in general at times.  I’m not going to treat this like some sort of public personal journal, nor am I going to sit here and tell you that my perspectives and opinions are the correct way to see things, because I’m always open to the opinions of others.  Also, what fun would it be if everyone felt the same way and agreed on everything? At the very least, I decided that I’d like to share my two cents in a more public forum.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and random ramblings that I’ll post on here from time to time.  Feel free to comment and interact.  If at least one person out there is entertained by my writings and ramblings, then I’ve done my job.



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